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If you're looking to add a tech-savvy solution to your child's room, our Pixbee light range is the perfect thing! Our Pixbee light range includes soothing sounds, preset light options and themes and it works seamlessly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 

You can streamline your child's nighttime routine right from the app with adjustable light colours and dimming options to help signify when it's time for bed. You can also set alarms and control all the evening settings straight from the app so that you and your little one can notify all the right signals when it comes to bed time. 

If your child is a bit older, our Pixbee smart light can also help your big kids study! With preset ambient light settings to promote concentration during evening study sessions your children can study like superstars with the help of our Pixbee light. 

Why Choose Pixbee? 

When it comes to smart lights and alarms we really know our stuff at Pixbee! We know that the right lighting can make a huge difference in your child's routine. Whether you've got a little one and you're trying to instil a great nighttime routine or you've got older kids and you're wanting to help them with their studies as much as possible, our Pixbee light range has something for everyone. 

Set alarms, change colours and enjoy the dimming function with our Pixbee light range. Explore our full range of Pixbee lights and accessories online today and find the perfect smart light companion for your children, no matter their age! 

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