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Helping Kids and Parents Stay Connected and Safe
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Pixbee is a new, safe and convenient way for parents and kids to stay in touch without the need for a smartphone. Pixbee allows your loved ones to make and receive phone calls, video calls, voice chat and message pre-approved contacts. With no locked in contracts, simply insert a 3G/4G Nano SIM card from any compatible network provider across Australia or New Zealand to be up and running with Pixbee in no time. Our free Pixbee App is available on both iOS and Android and has no monthly usage fees.

Slide Pixbee Kids 4G Video Smart Watch Hey Isabella, how is your play date? Do you still want me to pick you up at 5? Connect to your child or teen, anytime. Slide PIXBEE KIDS 4G VIDEO SMART WATCH Connect to your child or teen, anytime. Slide PIXBEE KIDS 4G VIDEO SMART WATCH Connect to your child or teen, anytime. Pixbee Kids 4G Video Smart Watch PIXBEE KIDS 4G VIDEO SMART WATCH Connect to your child or teen, anytime.


Pixbee can make and receive video or voice calls, as well as take and send photos.


No monthly fees and our free App means you’re free of surprises too!


“Jen, I hope your tummy ache is getting better! Here’s a virtual hug. love Dad.”


Know your kids are safe with Pixbee’s inbuilt GPS and location system.


Only your pre-approved contacts can call or text Pixbee.


Use Classroom Mode to silence Pixbee during school hours.


No locked in contracts or fees, simply bring your own 3G/4G Nano SIM card.

Often our thought bubbles go un-resolved.

Pixbee is here to change that.

Slide This meeting is going to take forever, I better text Tom to tell him to wait at the office after school. Hi Darling, I will be 10 minutes late
to pick-up. Can you wait in the
office until I arrive? Love Mum. x
Slide I hope James doesn't forget to bring home his homework again, he has a test later in the week. Just a reminder that Miss Fiona
said she’d give you a sticker if you
did your homework this week.
Slide I hope Tom remembers its Mum's birthday tonight and comes straight home from netball training. Hey Tom, Mum's bday dinner at 7
tonight. So please race home when
you've finished netball training. D x

Imagine being able to tap in and talk to your small person when they aren’t with you. Wouldn’t it make life much easier! Pixbee is a smart alternative for parents who want to communicate with and locate their child but who also want to limit their exposure to smartphones and social media.

Current map and location data.

Using Pixbee’s GPS data, you can see where your child is in real time. You can also create your own ‘safe zones’ by setting a permitted geofence boundary around your watch wearer. Best of all, if they leave this zone, Pixbee will notify you.

Classroom mode for focused learning.

Stay in the teachers’ good books and prevent unnecessary distractions with Classroom Mode. Using the Pixbee App, you can deactivate video, voice calls, chat and message functions during school hours, meaning little fingers won’t be tempted to call, text or take photos while they are meant to be learning.

Your data is safe on Australian servers.

Your user data is securely stored in Australia on Amazon Web Servers (AWS). This means your Pixbee wearer’s tracking location, sensitive and private data is encrypted and won’t be leaked, accessed or seen by anyone-but you.

Influence free, an ecosystem of simplicity.

Pixbee allows you to curate your child’s influence ecosystem. Family and trusted caregivers create a network of connection and you can block out the inherent risks from social media inclusion.

Quick Set Up and How To Tutorials.

How To Bring Your Pixbee To Life
In this quick walk-through, we show you how to set up Pixbee, from un-boxing, to inserting the nano-SIM and pairing your Pixbee, it’s all covered in this tutorial.

An Introduction To Pixbee
In this video we introduce you to all the amazing features Pixbee has to offer and explain how Pixbee keeps kids and parents connected.

How To Set Up Classroom Mode
In this video we show you the steps to quickly and simply set up Classroom Mode so your Pixbee wearer isn’t distracted by calls and messages during school hours.

How to Change Time Settings from 24 to 12 Hour Mode (and back)
In this quick video we explain the few simple steps to adjust the time displayed on your Pixbee from 24 hour mode to 12 hour mode (and back).

To view all the videos on our Pixbee Global YouTube channel, please click here

The Pixbee Family of Accessories.

Charging Cable

Stay connected with an extra charger

Screen Protector

Make your screen play-proof

Replacement Band

With new two tone strap and buckle

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