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Helping Kids Build Healthy Habits and Active Lifestyles
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Rugged design for added durability, and complete with 16 sports modes, Pixbee Fit is a fully featured kids smart activity watch that sets your child up for success. With up to 7 days battery life, Pixbee Fit does more than just count steps, it monitors your child's heart rate, sleep quality and sets activities and challenges for the day ahead.
Best of all, Pixbee Fit helps establish and build healthy life long habits around goal setting and organisation. With an added emphasis on activity, hygiene and sleep routines, Pixbee Fit makes healthy habits fun.

Slide Pixbee Kids 4G Video Smart Watch Hey Isabella, how is your play date? Do you still want me to pick you up at 5? Connect to your child or teen, anytime. Slide PIXBEE KIDS 4G VIDEO SMART WATCH Connect to your child or teen, anytime. Slide PIXBEE KIDS 4G VIDEO SMART WATCH Connect to your child or teen, anytime. A Smart Activity Watch For Kids Who
Are Going Places

Keep Active, Stay Healthy
with Pixbee Fit.

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Stay On Top Of Your
Game With Pixbee Fit

Smash your daily activity goals, monitor your heart rate and stay organised with Pixbee Fit's daily reminders and activity challenges.

Pixbee Fit is more than a step tracker. It’s a clever tool that aims to establish healthy early habits and routines in kids that will help keep them motivated, focused, and active for life.

Active Kids Are Happy Kids

Dancing, soccer, football and more, Pixbee Fit has 16 sports modes that kids can measure and track their progress.

Designed to inspire kids to try new sports and play often, Pixbee Fit will make staying active more fun than ever.

16 Sports Modes

Slide Outdoor walk Slide Outdoor run Slide Outdoor cycle Slide Indoor walk Slide Indoor run Slide Indoor cycle Slide Rope skipping Slide Hike Slide Outdoor fun Slide Skateboarding Slide Basketball Slide Badminton Slide Tennis Slide Football Slide Climbing Slide Dance

Start Life-Long Hygiene Habits

Teaching kids to keep their teeth clean, to protect themselves from germs with regular hand-washing, and to stay hydrated, are all very important life skills.

Pixbee Fit’s regular hygiene and healthy habit reminders are an engaging way to introduce these routines to kids and make healthy habits fun.

Stay Active. Stay
Focused. Be Rewarded

Inbuilt Activity Challenges have been designed to keep your child inspired and goal orientated, with virtual medals awarded for meeting set goals.

Staying Active and Healthy Is Awesome

And Deserves A Medal...

Well Done!

We've Made Our Smart Activity Watch So Fun, You Can Even Choose Your Watch Face...

Choose from more than 50 free watch faces from our Watchface Marketplace

Manage Pixbee Fit's Functions From The Ryze Connect App.

Being active and healthy is a team effort. With Pixbee Fit's Ryze App, you can see your child's brilliant efforts during the day. From the Ryze App you can set alarms, hygiene and hydration reminders, select favourite sports modes and more. Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports keep you updated on your child's progress. You can also see what awards and targets have been met and encourage your child to lead a fun, active and healthy lifestyle.

Feature Overview

Activity Tracker

It's easy to stay on top of set goals and achievements with Pixbee Fit.

Steps Counter

Be amazed as you watch your small person beat their daily step count.

Heart Rate

Reliable and accurate, our heart rate monitor helps kids understand about their heart health and the importance of keeping active.

Alarms & Reminders

Your child can start the day right with our customisable alarms and reminders.

Hygiene Reminders

Building healthy hand-washing habits helps keep your child and their friends healthier.

Hydrate Reminders

Keep your child healthy and happy with regular water drinking reminders.

16 Sport Modes

A great way to track, measure and introduce new and different sports to your child.

Fitness Platform Sharing

Easily share your Pixbee Fit activity data with Apple Health™, Google Fit™ and Strava™

Virtual Medals

Kids love being rewarded for work well done and our activity medals will help keep them inspired and goal orientated.

Anti-bacterial Strap

Lower their risk of spreading germs with Pixbee Fits anti-bacterial strap.

Sleep Insights

Track your child's sleep duration and quality, and set bedtime and wake up reminders.

Watch Faces

Customisable watch faces keep Pixbee Fit funky fresh and fun! More than 50 free watch faces available.

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